A Day in the life of #ThisMum: A Blended Momma

Brrrr! How chilly has it been today?! It is hardcore winter out there now, none of this cool autumn business – winter has full on arrived. Secretly I’m not complaining; I love nothing more than to get the PJs on, light some candles and wrap up in a cozy blanket on the sofa for the evening (baby and sleep permitting…) and what better thing to read whilst on that sofa than another fantabulous #ThisMum post! So, get a cuppa and cozy on in because tonight we have the lovely Ashlee from ‘A Blended Momma’ blog sharing with us a day in her life and you are going to love it.

Hey Yall!

I’m Ashlee and Im the author of A Blended Momma (website and blog). I am relatively new to the blogging world as a blogger but as a reader I’m a professional 😄 I think this post is a great idea as I too believe that not every mom is the same, not at all actually. So I am here to let you in on just a snapshot of a day in the Life of me! #ThisMum

My weekdays and weekends vary as I’m sure they do a lot of you but I’ll give you the most repetitive one. So I start most of my days by cracking open my eyes around 530am-545 about 10 mins after on EVERY morning my smallest child, Paislee (age 2 1/2) comes running to me and wants to lay with me on the couch and watch cartoons until it’s time for the others to wake up. This is mine and her special bonding time and it’s one of my favorite times.

Then at 6am I go and wake my 7 year old daughter up, Madison. I wake her up a tad bit earlier because she already takes the longest to get ready, and then I get myself and Pay dressed.

At 630am I wake my Bonus son up as he is normally ready in 5-10mins haha. My husband usually gets up at this time too unless he has a job going on and in that case he is up and gone long before me.

We leave the house dressed, bookbag in hand to go up to the end of the main road where the bus stop is (We live about a mile down a dirt road that connects to the main road). The bus is usually there within 10mins at most, as they head off to school me and Pay drive back home. I feed her (other 2 eat breakfast at school) finish getting ready and double check her bag and then I walk her over to my mother in law’s house who lives next door.

I go to work at this time it’s usually around 730-745 and I get there at 8. I do data entry and office work at an appraisal service.

Anyway I leave there a few mins before 12 as I have to get Paislee so my mother in law can go to work. I pick her up and we eat lunch then she goes for a nap. Some days I nap with her but those days are very few.

Usually I take this time to clean up, do laundry, blog, or prepare food to be ready at supper.

She wakes up usually after an hour or two and we relax usually or run errands until 330 at which time it’s back to the bus stop.

This is when things get hectic. We drive the mile ride home and there is NONSTOP talking from both kids. We get in the door they eat a snack and go straight to homework, which normally I have to spend approx 15 min each helping with issues, signing test papers, listening to them read ect.

Then after both of them are settled they know that after homework they have to empty their bags, pick their clothes out for the next day, get their lunchboxs ready if they want to take their lunch, and change clothes. While they do this I finish supper.

By the time they finish that its normally supper time. And normally the time my husband gets home. He always showers as soon as he gets home and then eats.

After we eat it’s normally around 6ish the kids always want to play outside, next door,  or just watch tv at this time and I totally agree.haha

At 730 it’s bathtime and at 8 it’s bedtime or atleast lay down time. I usually shower during this time.  They usually are all passed out by 9-930. When they pass out that’s when I have to finish up left over laundry and clean up the kitchen and any other messes. Once I’m done with that I usually go hang out in the shop with my husband if he’s out there or blog.  (We are both night owls)

So this is basically a glimsp in the Life of Me on a typical day with no issues or dramas!lol

For more of my post or to subscribe to A Blended Momma check out the site at ABlendedMomma.com website

I would like to especially thanks the lady from “A Baby & A Boardroom” for allowing me to post this as it was A pleasure and a wonderful idea!

Thanks yall!


The pleasure was definitely all ours Ashlee! When Ashlee expressed an interest in being involved with the #ThisMum series I was over the moon because it was important to me that the series represented lots of different family set ups. Ashlee’s blended family wasn’t a set up that we have featured before so I was really excited to read the post. I hadn’t heard the term ‘blended family’ or ‘blended mum’ before so I took some time out to visit Ashlee’s site and I read some really lovely posts which helped me to understand what the term meant. As someone from a blended family (my parents divorced when I was a child and my mum went on to re-marry the man I now call ‘Dad’ and he had a son from a previous marriage so I gained a step brother) I can’t tell you how touched I was to read Ashlee’s posts. For a new or ‘blended’ family to be created, a family unit has to break down and I think because of the negativity and the pain that we associate with family break downs, step mums / dads and step children and everything that goes with it can be spoken about negatively a lot of the time. As a Teacher for many years I worked with many children that gained a Step parent or step siblings and I never once heard one of them speak warmly or positively about them. I think that’s a real shame because if, like Ashlee, the parents get it right, the blended family stands to offer the children (and the adults!) so much love, care, support and kindness and love can never be a bad thing. Ashlee’s post (and the rest of her site) gave me a lot of food for thought and I realised that having new people come in to your life to love you following a family breakdown should and can be a beautiful thing.

Huge thanks to Ashlee for being involved with the series; I would highly recommend you go visit her site if you haven’t already as there is some brilliant stuff on there. You can find it here. Don’t forget to come back on Sunday when we will welcome Helen from Welsh Mum Writing to the #ThisMum series! Exciting!

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